Fish Tank Care Guide

Fish Tank Care Guide

How to care for and maintain a fish tank?

Aquariums require very little daily attention as compared to maintaining other pets. In fact, to care a fish tank is not a complicated job. Maintaining an aquarium is an easy task if certain things are taken care of in advance.

Regularly checking the equipment used for the tank


Aquarium lights don’t need to be working all the time unless the aquarium has live plants. You can switch on the light while observing or feeding the fish. Room lights are sufficient for keeping fish active throughout the day. If the aquarium lights are kept on for a long time, then it can lead to excessive algae growth. You can also install an electric timer so that fish in the aquarium get a consistent dark or light cycle.

A daily inspection of the tank and the fish should be done. Make sure that all fish are active and swimming properly. It will take some time and experience to observe these habits of your fishes but daily observation can provide the much needed experience.

You should also check the equipment such as heaters and filters that you have installed in the aquarium. At feeding time, you should look at the thermometer to make sure there are no temperature fluctuations. Sudden change in temperatures can cause stress and may cause disease outbreaks in fish. Make sure that all other equipment is turned on and is operating properly. All these observations will take only a few seconds and will definitely prevent a disaster.

Take special care of the fish by feeding them at the right time


Feeding you fish is an integral part of aquarium care and plays an important role in maintaining the health of the fish. Make sure that the fish are fed properly on a daily basis and on time. You can find dissolving feeders that come in various sizes. These range from three-day feeders to fourteen-day feeders. A dissolving feeder will slowly dissolve over a specified period of time and release the food to the fish. You just have to drop these feeders into the aquarium and your fish will be adequately fed.

Fish require feeding 2 to 3 times a day. Food that is uneaten can decrease water quality and can cause cloudiness in the tank. Uneaten food can also contribute to rapid algae growth in the tank. For these reasons, overfeeding the fish should be avoided. Alternating feedings among frozen, freeze-dried, flake and pellet foods can definitely provide a balanced diet for your fish.

Routine maintenance must be carried out every 2-3 months

You may also want to buy a service maintenance kit that contains all the necessary items for proper aquarium care. Nutrients are formed in the aquarium over a period of time which will reduce water quality. Because of this, it is necessary to dilute the aquarium water regularly so that nutrients remain at a safe level. When you are cleaning the aquarium, there is no need to remove the fish. Removing and then again reintroducing the fish is very much stressful for them. However, under any circumstances, the water that is inside the aquarium should not be disturbed too much. Cleaning debris often will avoid it from floating on the water surface. Use a gravel vacuum cleaner to remove as much as debris you can.


Use a gravel vacuum to remove debris out of your aquarium gravel

Although you can fill the tank with ordinary water, experts recommend conditioning the water before placing the fish in the tank. Ordinary water usually has a high chlorine content, as well as other dissolved gases. Water can be easily conditioned by pouring it in the tank and keeping it there for a week before you introduce any fish into the tank. There are also some chemicals available in the market that can remove chloramine and chlorine from the water.

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