Fish Tank Care Guide

Fish Tank Care Guide

How to choose a best aquarium air pump for your fish tank

Aquarium air pumps are common in every home aquarium – get the silent aquarium air pumps for the ultimate in fish keeping. Turn a pro with the best air pumps of the lot.

Points to Consider when choosing an air pump

A fish is a very delicate living being. Even the slightest agitations or noise can be a deathly blow for them. The sources of noise for the fishes are many – flow of water into and out of the aquarium, water surface agitator, air cum filter pumps, etc. Little do people realize that these are detrimental to a fish’s health.


Therefore, the aquarium filter has to follow these guidelines:

  • Stay quiet
  • Break the surface of the water for better gas exchange
  • Aid in biological filtration by turning the ammonia waste from fishes to nitrates
  • Aid in chemical filtration by removal of strange odors and chemicals
  • Sterilize the water by killing algae and free-floating pathogens
  • Might help in heating the water in extremely cold conditions

Silent air aquarium pumps just do the needful by keeping the whole process of agitation and filtration pretty silent. These air pump cum filters are larger in size so that the whole water in the aquarium gets recycled and re-circulated only twice, rather than the water changing 4 – 5 times every hour. This considerably reduces the noise caused due to the flow of water. Also, the exit bubble size is very less – that means greater surface area for water and least noise when the bubbles burst.

Understand and Buy!

Understand your fishes better and they will respond suitably by remaining healthy in your sparkling aquarium waters! The aquarium air pumps which come with the biological, chemical and mechanical filtration aids as well as the ones which provide sterilized water and heating for the fishes are pretty costly. They can range from $10 - $50 – a huge leap from the otherwise cheap aquarium air pumps! But they also help keep your fishes healthy and make your pride live longer!

Very few of the fish keepers actually understand the importance of having a proper aeration in the aquarium. The dissolved oxygen in the aquarium water plays a vital role in deciding the type of flora and fauna which will grow apart from the regular marine life. Rejuvenate your aquarium aquatic life using aquarium air pumps – preferably silent. You can choose from the following US brands like the Tetra Whisper air pump which is mainly for powering up underwater equipments.

The Tetra deep water pumps are the more advanced aquarium air pumps which can be paired with protein skimmers and is only used in deep tanks.

A little care and precaution goes a long way in defining the aquatic life in your aquarium. The silent air aquarium air pumps are the way to go, who take their hobby a bit more seriously!

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