Fish Tank Care Guide

Fish Tank Care Guide

All about caring and raising your baby guppies

Raising baby guppies is a great way to teach children responsibility, whether you have a full-sized fish aquarium or not. Just remember that you will have to keep baby guppies separate from any adult Guppies you have because most fish will eat the baby guppies.  This is why you probably want to have a separate tank for the baby guppies.  If you don’t, then you can opt for a mesh breeding tank, which goes inside your aquarium but keeps the baby guppies separate from all the fish that would eat them.


Guppy breeding in a small fish tank

The most important thing to remember about raising baby guppies is that the water quality must be good.  Guppies will grow very fast if you make sure the water quality is always good.  You will need a test kit so you can check the water a few times a week.  This is a great way to teach children about basic chemistry as well.  Your ammonia levels should be at 0 ppm, your nitrite levels should be at 0 ppm, and your nitrate levels should be less than 10 ppm. 

One way you can make sure your water quality stays good is by changing out the water about every week or two.  You’ll know when it’s time to change because your water quality test will indicate some of your numbers getting out of order.  Just be careful whenever you change the water that you don’t suck up any baby guppies or wash them down the drain accidentally.

You should also use an aquarium filtration system in your guppy tank. Keep a protective sponge over the intake of the filter to prevent your tiny guppies from being swept into the aquarium filter.  The temperature of the water should be held right around 80 degrees, so you may have to have a tank warmer on your aquarium to keep the water just right.

It’s also very important that you feed your baby guppies plenty of high quality food.  They may be tiny, but they have monstrous appetites.  Brand new baby guppies will eat fry food or finely crushed flake food.  As they age, just keep giving them flake food.


Now it’s time to just watch your guppies grow.  Not all of your guppies will be healthy, so you should watch carefully for ones that look sick and remove them from your tank immediately.  The last thing you need is for the disease to spread to the other guppies, so it’s better to just thin out the sick ones to give the healthy ones a better chance to thrive and live.

If your child hasn’t grown too attached to the guppies, you may want to consider releasing them into the wild after they are grown.  You also may use the release time as another lesson about cycles and children growing up.  If you have a local pond in the area, then this is the perfect place to release the guppies.  Just make sure that you check with any local authorities before you do this if it is a public pond. The trigger is simply a reaction, a quick nudge, or a button that’s been pressed.

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